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The best Shakespeare adaptations

REX Shutterstock But when Henry tackled the hefty and demanding role head on, he rebuffed any doubters with his physicality, stage presence and deft ability with the verse. West Side Story Romeo and Juliet again, but this time turned into a New York musical with two rival street gangs and Tony, a member of the American gang, falling for Maria, the sister of the leader of the Puerto Rican gang.

That narrows the list quite a bit, but it makes for a fun challenge. Kenneth Branagh, yet again — he loves a bit of Shakespeare, does Ken — imagines the story of four friends who swear off love as an old Hollywood musical, with a variety of George Gershwin and Cole Porter songs whacked in among all the iambic pentameter.

When the mayor dies, Scott turns his back on the group to take on his rightful place in society. Dead Poets Society How is it updated. He examines the creation of the actor as celebrity, and individuals such as Nell Gwyn, Elizabeth Barry, and Colley Cibber, as well as the rising eighteenth-century interest in Shakespeare.

A perfect entry point for people who think they hate Shakespeare. Here are ten movies that do wonderful things with Shakespeare plays. The film draws out the core of the Henry plays as an exploration of identity and responsibility. Powerfully acted by Eamonn Walker, Christopher Eccleston and Keeley Hawes, this is the Othello that most makes the play live for today.

Hamlet 2 How is it updated. Shakespeare is rarely so manly. Hamlet There are several arguments for the best screen Hamlet.

5 Shakespeare Adaptations to Celebrate Romeo and Juliet in Cinemas on Friday

Much of its success is owed to its leads, with Julia Styles determined rather than surly as a girl tricked into a relationship with a slacker played by Heath Ledger, who acts with the enthusiastic charm of a puppy who got at the chocolate.

Originally published in March The film either makes a bold move or a huge misstep by giving Hugo an emotional backstory that somewhat explains his actions, but the pressures on O to be a perfect student, boyfriend, and flawless young black male all come through perfectly in this setting.

Lenny Henry on stage as Othello Credit: This is my attempt to rid the world of 'Bardophobia' once and for all. Many contemporary iterations of Shakespeare owe a huge debt to Olivier. Alamy Branagh has played Hamlet four times on stage, including for directors Derek Jacobi and Adrian Noble, and once on screen in a lively, hugely acclaimed adaptation that he also directed.

West Side Story How is it updated.

List of William Shakespeare screen adaptations

And yet, I defy you to find someone who was a teenager in who doesn't love it. Hero was played by Jillian Morgese, who was an extra in Avengers that Whedon took a shining to after she could cry on cue.

If any of you want to revisit a certain best night of your life subset of s culture, this is your Shakespeare adaptation. The question with which Ms. · Shakespeare on Film (Film & MediaEnglish ) Sincecinema has produced an almost infinite variety of Shakespeare adaptations.

Film-makers from all over the world have found ingenious ways to bring Shakespeare's tragedies, comedies, Roman and history This editorial practice mirrors Kidnie's argument against making Shakespeare's texts the touchstone against which adaptations are evaluated, and for "the cultural  · Hamlet, William Shakespeare in European culture: links to criticism, critical essays, scholarly texts, adaptations in literature, art, paintings, music, operas, musicals, songs, A project of the English Department at Basel University.

The study of cultures in contact. Uses of Shakespeare. education, on teaching Shakespeare, teaching material, lesson plans for In the brilliant new version of Macbeth, Michael Fassbender gives an outstanding performance in the main role.

Stuart Kemp considers previous great Macbeths and other fine Shakespeare adaptations. If looking for movies that follow a Shakespeare plot, I suggest IMDb.

The site will bring up movies like one you are looking for. For instance, suggested movies like Romeo and Juliet would bring up Gattaca and Tristan and  · Shakespeare Adaptations.

What are the difficulties of adapting Shakespeare to film? Marcus Geduld, Assisted a BBC director, son of a film historian. Answered Nov 13, · Upvoted by. Joshua Engel, Director and actor, The Rude Mechanicals, · Author has k answers and m answer

Shakespeare adaptations
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