Edexcel as acconting notes

This result could show the efficiency of a business. Invoice- received by the buyer from the seller when a purchase is made on credit. This could be compared with other businesses too. The total sum invested into the business by its owners.

Decentralisation applies to the systematic delegation of authority in an organisation context. I will say this speaking from experience - get to know your teacher and do not stop asking questions.

In order to do this the bank needs a cheque guarantee card, saying that they have enough money in their account to support this payment. This is what it contains: Here are five of the most commonly used ratios. This type of analysis neglects stocks, but it is similar to the current ratio analysis.

These are sent by the firm when it has received its goods. Petty Cash Book This book is used to record non-expensive cash payments It is very similar to the cash book, it is acts as a book of prime entry and a ledger.

They can help the accountant to: Obviously, it will contain this formula: It is also counted as an indirect cost to businesses. Every end of the year, a final accounts must be produced which gives details of: Centralisation and Decentralisation Centralisation and Decentralisation Centralisation implies the concentration of authority at the top level of the organisation while decentralisation means dispersal of authority throughout the organisation According to Allen Centralisation is systematic and consistent reservation of authority at central points within an organisation.

It lays a secure foundation for further study of Accounting or related subjects.


Supplier - to determine the prospects of the business paying its debts or deciding whether to make further sales on credit to the business. It must be remembered that a ratio on its own will give you nothing, but when it is compared with ratios from the past and other businesses it will tell you a lot of things.

Assets This consists of everything the business owns which is of worth, measured in monetary terms.

Edexcel International GCSE Accounting Student Book with ActiveBook CD

Here is an example. Accounting students should focus on the on the examiner reports and the mark schemes. They get a chance to know more about the accounting role.

It contains the quantity, type and total cost of goods. When making journal entries always state the debited account s first then the credited. Although IAS only applies to the published accounts of public companies, to ensure consistency, the terminology of IAS will be applied by the examiners to scenarios based upon all business entities including sole traders, partnerships, private limited companies and where appropriate, to non trading organizations such as clubs and societies.

Double Entry System Every transaction into the books has a double entry, as each transaction causes a loss and an increase, in example if the business buys goods for resale with cash, purchases will increase while cash decreases by the same amount.

Transfers money directly from user's account to that of the seller. It improves job satisfaction and morale of lower level managers by satisfying their needs for independence, participation and status. Shows the net value of all assets owned by the company. Some students really find the "active" element useful, stimulating and allows them to really engage in doing something to help themselves make the learning element easier.

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We have a new category of revision notes specifically targeting AS and A level Economics. These revision notes are divided into 7 Units according to latest syllabus () of Cambridge International Examinations. However, they are useful for other examination boards as well,such as EDEXCEL.

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Edexcel as acconting notes
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